Ramesh 2


New Selections

These interesting themes evolved during Ramesh’s talks with visitors, over morning Satsangs at his residence in Mumbai.

Each topic is from one session and not collated from different talks, maintaining an unbroken presentation of the teaching in each case.


  1. The Ultimate Happiness                                           

  2. The Beyond

  3. Silence

  4. Re-birth

  5. Anger

  6. Love and Bhakti
  7. Freedom FOR the Ego

  8. Motivation

  9. Witnessing

10. All I have To Say..                                     

11. Man & Wife

12. Purpose of life                                           

13. Truth and Concepts

14. Guru-Disciple

15. Responsibility

16. A Reason To Live

17. The Truth - Total Free Will

18. Death

19. Fear

20. Addiction

21. Connected To The Source

22. The ‘ I ’ & The ‘ Me ’

23. Giving Up & Letting Go!

24. Bhajans from Satsang


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Bhajans played after Satsang are very popular with visitors and available on Audio CD, along with the lyrics and translation.